Secure and safe home-networking

Attain peace of mind by installing a smart security system to your home. We offer a range of different security products to safe-guard your home, from CCTV, intruder alarms and door entry systems. With these products, we are able to deliver a system that allows you to view your home and set your alarm from wherever you may be in the world. While you are sitting on the beach, you will have the power to protect your home simply by setting your system to holiday mode. For example, our systems can mimic someone in the house by switching lights and televisions on and off, opening the shades every morning and preventing unwanted visitors from breaking in.

Environment Control

Control your environment wherever you are!

Wouldn’t you like to return to a warm, cosy home on a cold winter’s night? Have you ever been out during a hot summer’s day and realised that you forgot to turn the air-conditioning on? With a modern environmental control system, you can say goodbye to these uncomfortable situations. All from the power of one app, we can give you the power to adjust the temperature of your home, providing you with as much comfort as possible. This bespoke system can be as simple or complex as you wish, giving you full control over your home-environment and allowing you the comfort and warmth you deserve.

Lighting Control

Lighting control at the touch of a button.

When you hear the term “lighting control”, you may think of a light switch that simply turns on and off. But what about a bespoke lighting system that adjusts to the environment and time of day? Think about walking into your kitchen in the morning, half-awake, for breakfast. Avoiding the uncomfortable burst of light, with the push of a button you can turn on the lights at just 50% brightness, avoiding unnecessary pressure on your eyes and helping provide you with a positive start to the day. Couple that with the underfloor heating kicking in and you are provided with maximum comfort. Daily routines will never feel like a chore again!

Audio Visual

An unparalleled audio-visual experience

Think about your favourite audio-visual devices, such as your Blu-Ray player, Apple TV, Sky etc. What do all these things have in common? Remotes! Now, instead of countless remotes laying around the house, what if you could condense all these remotes down to just one? We design and build bespoke systems that results in your audio-visual experience at home become so much easier. With the simple touch of a button, you can switch the television on to your favourite channel and ramp up your surround sound to the perfect volume. Whether it’s a one-room solution, or a full multi-room AV system with an acoustically treated cinema, we can create something unique to your requirements.