Lighting Control

Lighting control at the touch of a button

Lighting control at the touch of a button

Enjoy increased security and energy savings.

Lighting can be controlled to create any atmosphere or mood. Low lighting provides the perfect backdrop for relaxation, or a romantic dinner, whilst turning the lights up brings vitality to a room, perfect for getting into action. Lighting can also be used to enhance the appearance of a room by accenting its architectural design and detail. With the option of wireless dimmers, there’s no need for re-wiring or remodelling, making the installation process simple and efficient.

You’ll appreciate the luxury of automated shades, easily controlled from your iPhone or iPad. Manage both privacy and glare in every room of your home. Pressing one button upon leaving the home will lower all or selected shades, protecting your furniture, rugs, and artwork from the fading effects of sunlight. And if you have an odd shaped window or irregular layout, we can design and install a bespoke solution.

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