Live smarter

At Lotus Smart Homes, we believe technology should untangle the complexities of life and enrich us with new experiences. From a home theatre system to whole-house automation, our solutions are designed to seamlessly link modern lives to the place they call home.

Comfortably in control

Who We Are

Lotus Smart Homes is an all-in-one solution to your automated home networking needs. We are a full service company providing design consultation, full installation, programming, training and sales of equipment at competitive prices. Whether you are fitting out a new home, remodelling your existing, or just want to add a new flat-panel television in the living room, our knowledgeable and experienced staff have the solution for you.

What We Do

Home is where fun and comfort come together. A place you can take a deep breath and truly relax, dine with friends, or choose to party the night away. Lotus Smart
Homes gives you all that and more. We can enhance your living environment
by providing you with the most advanced home automation, secreted out of sight and controlled by a custom programmed universal remote control. No more fumbling around with remotes or worrying about your system being out of sync. Whether it’s home theatre, security systems, audio-video systems, and networking. We provide complete one-touch control of your system so you can start enjoying right away.

With our unique mix of creative system designers and professional installers, you will get the flawless and bespoke system you’ve always dreamt about.

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